You're in control with Blue Balloon

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You’re in control with Blue Balloon

Blue Balloon is the only payment gateway that shows the exact amount that hits your bank account thanks to our perfect reconciliation feature. Our one-click dispute management system is also unique, and saves you time and money by reducing the manual labour associated with submitting and tracking disputes.

Agile software development by our in-house team means you get the solution your business needs, and get that solution implemented rapidly while our Hosted Payment Page (HPP) feature means payments are fully consistent with your branding and customer experience.

We offer unlimited potential to take back control of your payments through real-time processing with comprehensive transaction data and low latency. Our team of seasoned industry experts will work with you to improve your conversion rates and maximise profitability, whilst our intelligent routing, fully-flexible fraud protection and military-grade data security systems protect your customers and maximise the efficiency of your digital payments.

Payment Processing

Real-time processing, comprehensive data

payment processing

Key features of Blue Balloon’s payment gateway for transaction processing include:

  • Real-time transaction processing with low latency.
  • Comprehensive BIN and issuer data.
  • ARN data.
  • Full issuer response code.
  • Zero value authorisation.
  • Secure tokenisation.
  • Multi-currency processing.
  • Improved conversion rates.
  • Smarter collection strategy.
  • Better conversions.

For merchant account customers, we offer:

  • European and US acquiring partners.
  • Excellent settlement terms.
  • Ability to connect to multiple acquirers.
  • Helps improve conversion via intelligent transaction routing.
  • Seamless on-boarding process.
  • World-class compliance team.

Flexible Integration

Complete control: optimise your customer experience

flexible integration

Blue Balloon offers you unlimited potential to take back control of payments: the key step in converting browsers into buyers and growing your business.


  • Blue Balloon supports XML, JSON, and Form Post.

Hosted Payment Page

  • Manage the checkout experience by building your own payment page hosted in our environment with the highest level PCI DDS compliance.
  • Write your own HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build a bespoke user experience to your exact requirements.
  • Maintain a seamless user journey identical to your website, with the smooth flow your customers expect when purchasing:
  • Same fonts and branding.
  • Identical messaging.
  • Same form validation.
  • Give your customers peace of mind and increase conversions from browsers to buyers:
  • Display key data collected during checkout at point of sale.
  • Allow customers to alter data without leaving the payment page.
  • Simple to integrate your templates via i-Frame or Lightbox.
  • Upload multiple device and browser specific templates to provide the best customer experience and journey.
  • Achieve PCI compliance via SAQ A (self-assessment Questionnaire).
  • No penetration testing.
  • No ASV scanning.
  • Reduce time and money spent on compliance.

Bulkfile Processing

  • Upload bulk payment files to Blue Balloon for processing.

Virtual Terminal

  • Accept payments within a call centre environment.

Fraud Protection

Flexible fraud protection

fraud protection

Transaction management

AVS - Address Verification Service

  • Enables merchants to verify a match between the cardholder address and what’s on file with the bank. A mismatch may indicate fraudulent activity.

3DS - flexible 3-D Secure

  • Clients can dynamically enable 3-D Secure authentication based on their own requirements.

Set bespoke fraud rules

  • Set your own fraud rules on Blue Balloon’s platform, including velocity checks and black listing.

Pre-dispute management

Cardholder revocation

  • Receive immediate notice of any cardholder revocation decisions.


  • Automated reporting enables you to contact customers directly to address any potential issues regarding purchases:
  • All instances of Visa (TC40) and Mastercard (SAFE) fraud are captured and recorded.
  • Monthly TC40/SAFE reporting and analysis available.
  • Each instance matched to original transaction requests: easy to review.


  • Automatically perform refunds against transactions where a TC40/SAFE record has been received.
  • Protects Blue Balloon clients against disputes.

Transaction Routing

Blue Balloon intelligent routing


Blue Balloon works tirelessly to improve conversion and maximise merchant profitability.

For merchants with a number of accounts with different acquiring banks, Blue Balloon provides a service that intelligently routes transactions to the acquirer most likely to receive a successful authorisation.

Blue Balloon also allows merchants to route transaction traffic based on a pre-set weighted ratio to their acquiring partners.

Perfect Reconciliation

Perfect recon – a market-leading innovation


Blue Balloon’s is the only payment gateway solution in the market to show what hits your bank account - to the penny. Our system removes the need for time-consuming reconciliation from multiple sources - we deliver everything on one screen, saving you back-office time and reducing the burden of reporting, compliance and testing.

Figures are also available in Gross and Net amounts, with all banking fees reported, including:

  • Merchant service charges (MSC).
  • Acquirer fees.
  • Disputes.
  • Dispute fees.
  • Reserve held and released.
  • Fraud fees.

Taken together, these features make CFOs and account teams' lives easier.

Dispute Management

Save time and money, improve your recovery rates


Our dispute management solution is unique in the industry, and reduces the time and effort you spend dealing with dispute.

Merchants utilising the Blue Balloon Dispute Management Solution benefit from:

  • Better visibility of dispute performance.
  • Significant improvements in recovery rates.
  • More efficient management of the dispute lifecycle.

Blue Balloon’s platform allows for the creation of dispute response templates. We automatically link each dispute to its associated transactional data. This removes manual administrative efforts on your side.

You can defend each dispute with one-click. Blue Balloon does the rest.

We send your dispute response to the acquiring bank on your behalf, meaning no more emails to acquirers with individual disputes.

We display the dispute outcome to the merchant, showing whether a dispute has been successfully recovered OR lost. All dispute data is displayed by card scheme, ensuring a merchant’s dispute performance is easily visible. This helps to ensure dispute performance thresholds are not breached.

Ultra-agile Environment

Bespoke software, rapid deployment


Blue Balloon does its own software coding in-house, employing some of the best developers in the business. This allows us to introduce new products and services in a rapid timeframe, such as our industry-leading dispute management, reconciliation and Hosted Payment Page (HPP) solutions.

Crucially, we can undertake bespoke development for merchants quickly and effectively, enabling you to gain competitive advantage in your sector.


World-class data security


Our technology is proven, ultra-reliable and designed with security and scalability in mind. Our infrastructure is built on secured cloud hosting allowing us to scale to support merchants across multiple data centres in a wide range of regions and countries.

Our systems are tailored and our architecture enables high transaction throughput with low processing latency. We continue to invest in our technology to maintain a secure and reliable service.

Blue Balloon’s environment is hosted by Armor - the world’s most secure managed cloud solution. Armor’s architecture is purpose-built for security and performance.

By partnering with Armor, our system benefits from military-grade data security and continuous threat monitoring, threat reduction and defence. For more information about Armor, please click here.

Expert Consultancy

World-class strategic advice from seasoned experts


Blue Balloon boasts an account team of experienced payment industry professionals who provide dedicated 24/7, 365 days a year account management. We offer clients world-class on-boarding supported by seasoned payment professionals to ensure that merchants follow best practice for their sector.

We also offer clients:

  • Strategic market advice.
  • Troubleshooting services.
  • Advice on major card scheme and acquirer rules.
  • Dispute consultancy to maximise your recovery rates.
  • Conversion rate analysis to improve your sales and profitability.

To find out more about our dedicated professional team, please email [email protected]