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  1. Introduction

    1. About the Policy

      This policy serves the purpose of explaining what is a cookie, why and how we use cookies on our website. This policy also provides you more information about the management and retention period of cookies on your device.

      By using our website, on any type of device, you agree to our use of cookies to enable functionality of the website, to collect website usage data, to improve your online experience and to customize our advertisements to you.

      Any word, or specific term(s) not described in this cookie policy shall have the same meaning as provided in our Website Data Protection Policy. Users are encouraged to read this cookie policy in conjunction with our Website Privacy Policy.

    2. Amendments to Policy

      We may amend this Cookie Policy, from time to time and without prior notice, to comply with applicable legislations, or any modification brought relating to the functioning of our website. Any such amendments shall be provided here and with immediate effect. By using our website, you agree to any and all amendments made to this Policy.

  2. What is a Cookie?

    A cookie is a small data file stored on a user’s computer or mobile device. It holds some data on the user to customize websites to the user’s preference. Cookies may thus retain log-in information, save preferences, and even direct users to the spot where they last browsed.

  3. Why do we use Cookies?

    Our website uses cookies to ensure efficiency and to improve the user’s experience. You may delete cookies used on our website at any time in your browser, or modify their settings accordingly. Note that deleting certain cookies may affect the performance of the website. In addition, in case you access our website from a different browser from the browser in which you had set your cookies preferences they might not be replicated in the new browser.

  4. Retention Period

    The retention period of cookies depends on various factors, including purpose and type of cookie.

  5. Access to your device

    When you visit or use our website we will not gain access to your computer, files or information you did not make available to us. We do not use cookies to see any other data on your computer / device, or to determine your email address.

  6. Use of Cookies

    We use cookies in the following ways:

    • Personalising the content and adverts
    • Providing social media feature
    • Analysing the user traffic
    • Analysing how you use our website which helps us to troubleshoot any problems
    • Monitoring our own performance
    • help users complete tasks without having to re‑enter information when browsing from one page to another or when visiting the site later
  7. Types of Cookies

    When you visit or use our website we will not gain access to your computer, files or information you did not make available to us. We do not use cookies to see any other data on your computer / device, or to determine your email address.

    Additionally, a cookie can be either a first-party cookie, that is one which our website places on your device, or a third-party cookie, that is one which is placed by other websites or domains (not ours), on your device.

    1. Details of cookies

      Please see below a non-exhaustive list of types cookies on our website and their use.

      1. Session Cookies

        These are temporary cookies that are basically used to remember your online activities, to optimize your experience on the website. These types of cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser.

      2. Persistent Cookies

        These cookies work by tracking your online activities and preferences. For instance, when you first visit a website, the settings are in default mode, but once you personalize your preferences, persistent cookies will remember them and implement them during your next visit on the website. Examples of such preferences are log-in information, language selection, among others.

      3. Performance Cookies

        1. Google Analytics

          Analytics cookies are placed by Google Analytics, and are used for many activities, including but not limited to distinguishing users or sessions, store information about users’ sessions, traffic sources, among others. Kindly peruse the google privacy policy for more information on this hyperlink:

        2. Google Map Cookies

          We may make use of Google Maps to provide you with a specific location of our offices or other relevant locations. Google Maps may set cookies on your computer or other device, to observe your preferences and record usage you make of Google Map. We invite you to peruse the privacy policy of Google ( for more information.

        3. LinkedIn

          We may provide links to our official LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn profile of our employees or partners. As such, LinkedIn uses cookies for many purposes, including but not limited to authentication and security purposes. We invite you to peruse the cookie policy of LinkedIn ( for more information.

  8. Monitoring Cookies

    The default settings on browsers are usually made to accept cookies, but you can customize your browser any time to deal with cookies differently. You can, for example, delete some or all of the cookies that any website provide or either block or restrict acceptance of a specific type of cookies by particular websites, by configuring your browser settings.

    1. Google Analytics Opt-out

      Note that you may download, at any time, the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on and install same on your browser. This will prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics.

    2. Disabling cookies

      In case you disabled some cookies, note that our website may still use information that was collected prior to this. However, note that we will not be able to use the disabled cookies to collect any more information.

    3. Deleting Cookies

      We wish to bring to your attention that, in case you delete some or all of cookies that our website places on your computer or other device, this may result in certain or all parts of our website not functioning properly. We, therefore, accept no responsibility for any improper functioning on our website, including inaccuracy of information, resulting from the website’s inability to save or peruse cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of our website.

  9. Managing Cookies

    To assist you in managing your cookies in your relevant browser, please find below some useful links:

    1. Google Chrome

    2. Mozilla Firefox

    3. MacOS Safari

    4. Microsoft Internet Explorer

    5. Alternative – Alteration of cookies

      An alternative to the above may be to visit , a website providing which comprehensive information on how to alter settings or delete Cookies from your computer and/or other device.

  10. Disclaimer – Third Party Website

    For assistance purposes, we provide hyperlinks in our cookie policy that may lead you to third party’s website. These hyperlinks have been provided for users’ ease of reference, and neither the third party website nor its content are endorsed by the Company. We shall not be held responsible for any operations, cookies or other sort of behavior tracking activities in general that may occur on the third party’s website. Users are therefore advised to contact the administrator, or owner of third party websites should they have any queries.

  11. Change to the Policy

    Kindly note that we may change this policy from time to time and without prior notice. We would therefore encourage you to consult our Cookies Policy periodically to keep up to date with any changes made. If you continue to use our website, we shall take this as an acceptance from your side of the changes made to our policy.

    In case there are any material change in the manner into which we process your personal data, we will duly inform you of same via email, or another appropriate channel.