Can your payment partner do this?

We partner with businesses to securely process Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments via web, mobile and virtual terminal. Our technology is designed to deliver greater business transparency and intelligence, saving time, cost and reducing friction.

We have recently launched our Faster Payments API solution and the new Blue Balloon Hub our ground-breaking portal enabling a single view on all your transactions from pay-in to pay-out.

Benefits include: increased conversions, a seamless user experience, improved collection rates, automated reconciliation and proactive dispute management - these benefits help you unlock exponential value previously lost by legacy technologies.

All The Features You Need To Help Your Business Succeed & Grow

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    All on one screen/within a single display, Blue Balloon's technology lets you see what is going to land in your bank account after all charges and fees are included.

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    Delivering complete transparency over the entire payment life-cycle, our automated dispute management solution drives operational efficiency and maximises revenues.

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    Agile & Effective

    With a world-class development team 100% focused on your unique requirements, Blue Balloon can deploy a solution that meets all your needs faster than any other provider in the market.

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    Intelligent Routing

    Delivering intelligent routing capabilities that improves collections, reduces fees and maximises authorisation rates by finding the optimal path between issuers and Acquirers.

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Blue Balloon delivers

Blue Balloon delivers an array of products and services to support our customers payments needs.

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  • payment

    Payment Processing

    Real time processing with comprehensive data

  • integration

    Flexible Integration

    Blue Balloon's API solution or Hosted Payment Page (HPP) to faciliate merchants specific needs

  • security


    World class data centre security hosted by Armor - the worlds most secure managed cloud solution

  • routing

    Transaction Routing

    Improve conversion rates and maximise profitability by using Blue Balloon's intelligent routing capabilities

  • reconcilication

    Perfect Reconciliation

    View the exact amount – to the penny – which will hit your bank account with Blue Balloon’s ‘perfect reconciliation’ feature

  • chargeback

    Dispute Management

    Disputes made easy - we offer one-click dispute response as well as visibility over the dispute outcome